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Murder Mystery Parties


'Murder Lite': Suitable only for hen celebrations of up to 20 guests... Just £475!

'All the taste of a full cast murder but with 1/3 of the fat'!

Murder Lite is especially designed and is an ideal, affordable option for smaller hen parties, and the best thing is... you get to play the parts! One of your party is the murderer, and one of you could easily end up the victim... but not before you've finished your Bailey's cheesecake.

These murders involve one or two actors depending on group size and budget. Celebrity character list sent out before the event for you to cast it how you see fit.


I'm a celebrity its deadly in here

The sun sets on the jungle clearing, and on our doomed celebs, including Paris Chiltern, Janet Street Potty, the Jokers girlfriend - Harleysquint, Kate Middleclass, and even the Ab Fab girls. But there's a killer in the group and you could be next. With help from your host/s, you and your guests perform the script, solve the murder, and take part in Bush Tucker trials (don't worry, we'll leave out the Witchetty Grubs!).

I'm a celebrity its deadly in here

Deadly Diamonds

This Agatha Christie spoof finds us in the dusty old Dingleberry estate. It sits on a secret diamond mine. Join the dark & dodgy solicitor as they announces the contents of the Lord Dingleberry's will to the assembled family and friends. Is that a pistol pointing through the door or...

Deadly Diamonds