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Our Murder Mystery Actors & Actresses

We'd like to introduce some of our professional actors.

We only employ professionals, all of whom have gained years of experience entertaining audiences on stage, in TV and film and they have all trained at accredited drama schools.

We choose actors who are great comedy improvisers who can think on their feet and make our audiences feel relaxed. They work for us again and again because they enjoy the murder mystery evenings as much as you do! And because they've worked in professional theatre, they take pride in doing a great job... every night.

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Zoe FaithfullStephan BessantRebecca Hunt
Becky NealeCat CameronHayley Considine
Ashleigh AstonEllie DarvillGreg Hobbs
Paul LumsdenAlex ComerEd Loboda
Hannah YeomanClive WardMark Brisbourne
Liz PetersLindsey CarrRosanna Thornwood
Jessica FranklinNathan BlythLee Brace
Tamsin HuntAngharhad ReadCarys Jones
Ed ThorpeSarah RatheramMark Jardine
Nick BarclayBen RoddyMatt Bates